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Physics Labs

Internal Forces Lab-

The goal of this lab was to test simple machines such as pulleys, incline planes, ect.  To see what the mechanical advantages or disadvantages each machine gave.

The goal on this lab was to test the tensile yield curve and the shear strength of bolts on a tested machine.   We tested using accurate machines that gave us consistent data to later analyze the. results.

Sticky Wicket JPL Invention Challenge

During the month of October a group of seven students including myself where challenged to create a rotating ball contraption that was able to propel balls through five small gates.  This project consisted of a base design that we found out very quickly would not work.   We were bound to certain restraints and had a slim budget compared to the other schools we would be competing against.  Therefore, we had to think outside the box.   Or first task was to gather materials, and due to our budget constraints we decided to try and gather as much wooden material as possible from our school.   This was one of many ingenious ideas that would evidently aid to the success of our design.  Overall, the competition went well.  We set a high standard for ourselves and unfortunately we did not win the competition.  But we live and we learn, and this was a great segway project into our upcoming capstone adventure.

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JPL Research Poster-

JPL Competition Commercial-

JPL Competition Video-

Scientific Reaserch Assignment-

This document shows the research I have done on a product similar to my Capstone idea and the problems we could find.  I researched high-heeld shoes and displayed my findings.

Scientific Journal Analysis-

This document is a recount of Ensteins Journal published in 1905.  It also talks about baasic. physics prnciples and ideas that Einstein proves.

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