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Personal Statement-

Baseline Essay -

This paper gives you an insight to my personal life.  It recounts aspects of myself that have never been shared before.  The personal statement gave me a chance to express myself in ways I had never done before in writing.  I was free to write what and how I wanted.  

The baseline essay was a great way to see my ability as a writer in a short period of time.  This activity helped me better prepare for timed tests and activities.

Argumentative A.I. Essay-

Reverse Engineering Poem-

This paper gave me aa better understanding on how A.I. is working in our world today.  It honestly scared me how advanced A.I. is getting to the point were it can take many jobs away from millions of people.

The reverse engineering poem was very fun to do.  It taught me to analyze the text further than I have ever done before.  It was a great re-introduction for myself into the world of poetry.

One Project Hail Mary Article of the Week-

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